Another great read from Neil Gaiman, ‘The Graveyard Book’ is based on Highgate Cemetery in North London. It was officially written as a teen novel but don’t let that put you off, it’s about a serial killer who slaughters a family but the baby evades him. The baby is taken in by the ghosts at the local graveyard who hide him from the killer who returns to finish the job.

Definitely and enjoyable read.

I’m sure that nobody would dispute the fact that Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere has set the standard for all London Fantasy that has followed it.

Considering it was a novelisation for a TV mini-series I actually enjoyed the book more, this is a normal occurrence when the book came first but rarely the other way around.

The thing I loved most about Neverwhere is the way it has forever changed the way I think when I use the London Underground. I can’t use the tube without hearing ‘Mind the Gap’ and thinking of this book!

Before my Belgian boyfriend came to visit London for the first time, this was the book I gave him to read.

Neil has a very active website and can be found on Facebook and Twitter too.

Books Lovely Books

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So my intention with this blog is to try to list as many books as I can find set in an alternative London, these might be in a London where magic exists, or fae, or vampires, a London in the near or far future, or perhaps the past. It turns out I have read rather a lot of these, and it wasn’t even intentional. Now it has morphed into a mild obsession.

It was only recently while chatting to a fellow bookseller at work that I realised that I had stumbled upon what I guess could be described as an emerging genre….

Bear with me while I attempt to list and write comments for the ones I have read although I have decided not to add longer reviews as there are plenty of those out there already. I would also love to hear about anything I may have missed too 🙂

Guardian of London

One of the many sentinals that can be found about London

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Welcome from the Real London

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After some aimless fiddling with this blog creator I appear to have created something passingly attractive.

Now I just need to find the time to fill it with interesting books 🙂