Here is a list of everything I have found to date  (with UK edition ISBN and price);

9780356500249 Fated – Benedict Jacka – Orbit 1-Mar-12 £7.99
9780356500256 Cursed – Benedict Jacka – Orbit 7-Jun-12 £7.99
9780356500263 Taken – Benedict Jacka – Orbit 6-Sep-12 £7.99
9780356502304 Chosen – Benedict Jacka – Orbit 5-Sep-13 £7.99

9781907777080 The Martian Ambassador – Alan K. Baker – Snowbooks Ltd 1-Mar-11 £7.99
9781907777547 The Feaster from the Stars – Alan K. Baker – Snowbooks Ltd 1-Sep-11 £7.99

9781907777882 The Gods of Atlantis – Alan K. Baker – Snowbooks Ltd 1-May-13 £7.99

9781906727208 The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack – Mark Hodder – Snowbooks Ltd 30-Apr-10 £7.99
9781906727994 The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man – Mark Hodder – Snowbooks Ltd 11-Jun-11 £7.99
9781907777691 Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon – Mark Hodder – Snowbooks Ltd 1-Apr-12 £7.99
9780091950620 The Secret of Abdu El-Yezdi – Mark Hodder – Del Rey  8-Aug-13 £16.99

9780857662385 Sixty-One Nails – Mike Shevdon – Angry Robot 23-May-12 £7.99
9780857662392 The Road to Bedlam – Mike Shevdon – Angry Robot 23-May-12 £7.99
9780857662231 Strangeness and Charm – Mike Shevdon – Angry Robot 23-May-12 £8.99
9780857662262 The Eighth Court – Mike Shevdon – Angry Robot 4-June-13 £8.99

9781780871257 Mayhem – Sarah Pinborough – Jo Fletcher 25-May-13 £14.99

9781841494135 The Devil You Know – Mike Carey – Orbit 6-Apr-06 £8.99
9781841494142 Vicious Circle – Mike Carey – Orbit 29-Sep-06 £7.99
9781841494159 Dead Men’s Boots – Mike Carey – Orbit 6-Sep-07 £7.99
9781841496566 Thicker Than Water – Mike Carey – Orbit 5-Mar-09 £7.99
9781841496559 The Naming of the Beasts – Mike Carey – Orbit 3-Sep-09 £7.99

9780356501437 God Save the Queen – Kate Locke – Orbit 5-Jul-12 £7.99
9780356501444 The Queen is Dead – Kate Locke – Orbit 5-Feb-13 £8.99
9780356501451 Long Live the Queen – Kate Locke – Orbit 12-Nov-13 £8.99

9780330528092 London Falling – Paul Cornell – Tor 18-Jul-13 £7.99

9780356500645 Stray Souls – Kate Griffin – Orbit 25-Oct-12 £8.99
9780356500652 The Glass Gods – Kate Griffin – Orbit 9-Jul-13 £8.99

9780316068598 A Madness of Angels – Kate Griffin – Orbit 1-Feb-10 £7.99
9781841497341 The Midnight Mayor – Kate Griffin – Orbit 4-Mar-10 £7.99
9781841499017 The Neon Court – Kate Griffin – Orbit 3-Feb-11 £7.99
9780356500638 The Minority Council – Kate Griffin – Orbit 1-Mar-12 £8.99

9781841499727 Soulless – Gail Carriger – Orbit 2-Sep-10 £7.99
9781841499741 Changeless – Gail Carriger – Orbit 2-Sep-10 £7.99
9781841499734 Blameless – Gail Carriger – Orbit 2-Sep-10 £7.99
9780356500096 Heartless – Gail Carriger – Orbit 7-Jul-11 £7.99
9781841499871 Timeless – Gail Carriger – Orbit 1-Mar-12 £7.99

9780575132603 Rivers of London – Ben Aaronovitch – Gollancz 12-Jul-12 £7.99
9780575097629 Moon Over Soho – Ben Aaronovitch – Gollancz 13-Oct-11 £7.99

9780575097667 Whispers Under Ground – Ben Aaronovitch – Gollancz 4-Oct-12 £7.99
9780575132467 Broken Homes – Ben Aaronovitch – Gollancz 25-Jul-13 £14.99

9780575089471 A Matter of Blood – Sarah Pinborough – Gollancz 10-Feb-11 £7.99
9780575089518 The Shadow of the Soul – Sarah Pinborough – Gollancz 8-Dec-11 £7.99
9780575089556 The Chosen Seed – Sarah Pinborough – Gollancz 8-Nov-12 £7.99

9781780870090 The City’s Son – Tom Pollock – Jo Fletcher 6-Jun-13 £7.99
9781780870106 The Glass Republic – Tom Pollock – Jo Fletcher 1-Aug-13 £14.99

9781781081730 Dream London – Tony Ballantyne – Solaris 10-Oct-13 £7.99

9780575079427 The Somnambulist – Jonathan Barnes – Gollanz 22-Jan-07 £7.99 (Out of Print)

9780747266686 Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman – Headline Book Publishing 2-Nov-00 £7.99
9780747598626 The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman – Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 5-Oct-09  £7.99

9780330490856 The Borrible Trilogy – Michael De Larrabeiti – Tor  4-Apr-03 £8.99

9780330536684 Un Lun Dun – China Mieville – Pan Books 6-May-11 £7.99
9780330534215 King Rat – China Mieville – Pan Books 6-May-11 £7.99
9780330492324 Kraken – China Mieville – Pan Books 1-Sep-06 £7.99

9780575077256 Anubis Gates – Tim Powers – Gollancz 8-Sep-05 £8.99

9780141014548 The Book of Dave – Will Self – Penguin Books Ltd 1-Mar-07 £7.99

9780553384697 Mind the Gap – Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon – Bantam Books 1-May-08 £12.00 (1st in the Hidden Cities series)

I haven’t managed to read every book on this list yet (if I have it’s in Italics), there just aren’t enough hours in the day, but I am working on it 🙂

Laini Taylor’s ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bone’ is not set in London at all, but is a great novel nonetheless. It is an adventure, and romance, and a mystery which are mostly set in Prague but also ‘Elsewhere’. I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to its sequel ‘Days of Blood and Starlight’ very much.

Laini’s official website is found here;

Tom Pollock’s ‘The City’s Son’ is set in a modern/futuristic version of London which is a battleground for strange supernatural entities.

I would like to make very favourable comparison’s to ‘Neverwhere’ and ‘Un Lun Dun’ and can’t wait to read more about Beth and Filius in the following books.

Tom’s website is found here. He is also active on Twitter and Facebook.

No trailer but I did find an interview with Tom.

Kate Locke’s ‘God Save the Queen’ is modern Steam Punk set in a London with a number of historical differences to our own. Published in the last couple of weeks and featuring a kick-arse heroine this is an enjoyable start to an original series.

Kate has a rather nice website for the series, which already promises another book for next year.

There can even be found a soundtrack – awesome!


There isn’t a trailer for this one so I shall treat you instead to a video from the novel’s soundtrack..enjoy.

Mike Shevdon’s ‘Strangeness and Charm’ is the third instalment of the Courts of the Feyre series. Niall our chief protagonist has rescued a number of half-fey from the Bedlam research facility but this has left a number of these potentially dangerous individuals living out among the masses, and he has now been sent to bring them in. Some of the action still takes place in and around London, including Borough Market in South London. This outing also finds us visiting Glastonbury, another very interesting (but much smaller) city.

Now I’m not sure which came first, this book or this song (below) but they are well matched and as a trailer is absent enjoy the sounds.

Mike Shevdon’s ‘The Road to Bedlam’ is another foray into the twilight world of the Feyre. Our Hero Niall has now been accepted into this world and is sent to investigate strange occurrences in a small fishing village somewhere on the North Sea Coast. Thankfully we do still have some London action in this one too, and this takes place in the infamous Bethlem Royal Hospital, commonly known as ‘Bedlam’.

I think I enjoyed this book less because it wasn’t set as strongly in London as the first but it is still an enjoyable story, and one which you need to read fully appreciate the events of the third.

Mike Shevdon’s ‘Sixty-One Nails’ is a very clever fusion of fiction, customs, and folklore. The action takes place on and around The Strand and Covent Garden in London, as well as venturing into the London Underground. It is also very entertaining and not even slightly girly as some of you might expect a novel about the Fey to be. I really loved it and couldn’t recommend it more highly.

You can check out Mike’s Page at the Angry Robot website, where you will also find lots of other great books. They are definitely one of the most interesting Fantasy publisher out there at the moment if you ask me (which you didn’t I know).

The latest instalment from Ben Aaronovitch is ‘Whispers Under Ground’.

It was published a few weeks ago now, but sadly I haven’t yet found time to read it.

This time Peter is taken into the London Underground to fight supernatural crime. I’m really looking forward to it.

Couldn’t find a video at all for this one, but the website can be found here.

Ben Aaronovitch’s ‘Moon Over Soho’, I am sure you have guessed, is set in London’s Soho district. This is the second outing for hero Peter Grant of the Metropolitan Police, and whilst I felt it wasn’t quite as good as the first, it’s a fun romp with our favourite conjuring copper.

Once again there is no trailer, so here’s and interview to watch instead.

More information about Ben and his books can be found at The Folly.

Ben Aaronovitch has begun his series of magical police procedurals with ‘Rivers of London’ which is set in and around Covent Garden.

This is a fantastic start to an entertaining series, one I would definitely recommend to anyone that loves a clever plot with a sarcastic hero.

I couldn’t find a trailer to link here, but I did find an interesting interview with Ben for you to watch instead.

Ben also has a really nice website.